How To Make a Status or WhatsApp Story Not Broken

By | Oktober 7, 2019
whatsapp story not broken

Whatsapp is a very popular application especially in the field of communication. With whatsappp, all kinds of activities are helpful quickly and briefly. In the whatsapp app we can do various kinds of activities, such as the video call, voice phone, message, create status or story, post photos, post videos and more. But unfortunately behind any kinds of excellence owned by the whatsapp app, there is one problem that is  very disturbing once.

The problem is the story that has been uploaded on whatsapp has a broken or blurry image. Of course if a status or story we make has bad quality or in other words the image is broken then it can reduce our comfort. Not only that’s it, it’s possible that someone else is also a bit distracted with our short story made in the whatsapp app.

But you don’t have to worry, because bellow will be given a way to overcome the whatsapp story to not break or how to overcome whatsapp status so that it does not break. You need to know also that this way can be used various kinds of phones types, such as huawei, samsung, nokia, lenovo, realme, vivo, xiaomi, oppo, ios, and many more that can’t ne mentioned one by one.

For more details, please pay attention to the way below.

How To Make a Status or WhatsApp Story Not Broken

1. For a Story or Whatsapp Status When The Signal Is Good

So when you want to add a story on whatsapp , make sure the signal on your smartphone is the point is not to use the poor signal, because it can make the quality of the image or the video so broken and blurry.

2. Restart Your Phone

Could have whatsapp you having damage, then need to restart your smartphone to recover again as it used to be the thing you need to do is please turn off your phone off, then relive it, if it is then just try to open whatsapp again. Then try to add a story on whatsap, is still broke or blurry about the image and video.

3. Delete Whatsapp Cache

If there are too many garbage file on the whatsapp app then not rarely whatsapp the performance will decrease. Like one of the reduction in quality resolution on the image or video added to the whatsapp story. Therefore, please delete the cache file on whatsapp. Watch the way below:

a. First go in to the settings on tap it.

b. After that just tap on the app.

c. Next just tap Whatsapp.

d. Last tap delete cache.

4. Do Update On WhatsApp

How to make it when adding stories on whatsapp not broken and blurry, namely please do update on whatsapp. First step please enter the google play store or app store, then just find whatsapp, last tap update. Thanks



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