Instagram Story Size At Photoshop

By | Agustus 6, 2019

In this article, i’m going to show you about instagram story size at adobe photoshop. Lot of people don’t know about instastory size at photoshop.

But dont worry about it, in this article will explained about instagram story size at photoshop. Instagram users always compete to make instagram account perfectly and one way to made instagram perfectly is make instastory with beautiful picture.

And then to make perfect pictures, you need a software picture editing. You can use a software the name is Adobe Photoshop. You may be thingking to yourself, before you make a good picture, you must choose size of story instagram at photoshop.

Instagram Story Size At Photoshop

Look the picture above it, the size of instastory at photoshop with width 108 pixels and Height 1920 Pixels or 9,144 cm (width) and 16,256 cm (height).
So,that is the story instagram size at photoshop, thank you.

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